Gee-O's take on the BET Hip Hop Awards

This evening I made sure to tune in to BET 15 minutes before 8pm. Lip Sync Battle was on and I got me a good laugh with the remainder of the show. Remy Ma won the Lip Sync Battle and got that nice Championship belt. That was just an appetizer to what I really tuned in to watch and that is the BET Hip Hop Awards. Now, why would I be hyped to watch this year’s Award show? It’s in MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the opening of the show, you knew it's going to be a 305 affair. DJ Khaled started off the show with the lit joint from a few years back: I’m So Hood. I was happy to see Trick Daddy on stage, T-Pain does his thing and was surprised to even see Plies. I thought it was a great way to start the show. There was great energy from the start. 

Now the Cyphers is always going to be a gem for the Hip Hop Awards and I was excited that DJ Premier decided to use the You’re The Customer beat from EPMD as the main beat for the cypher. I remember when I first came to South Florida in 1988 that beat was jumping even then. I thought every rapper that participated in the Cypher all did their thing. Not one Cypher was weak. 

The Performances overall was good. A HUGE shoutout to Yo Gotti because he only rapped over his hooks and also had DJ. Cardi B had a DJ as well but she brought energy and put on a performance. I honestly thought Migos would’ve done Bad N Boujee or T-Shirt instead of what song they did. I wasn’t feeling Playboy Carti’s performance at all. His blouse of an I Love NY sweater totally threw me off. Gucci Mane’s performance had no energy at all Worst is that it was done at a whole different location. I think I’d be lit for being at Club Liv than his performance there

The awards given out tonight was a totally predictable but I honestly didn’t mind at all. With the choices that were given for the awards and also the momentum that each artist this year you knew who the obvious winners will be. 

Eminem’s Freestyle was awesome and to the point. I personally thought it was more of an outstanding spoken word segment rather than a freestyle. Nonetheless, it was great to see Eminem. He bodied Trump and everything that is wrong with him and with what’s going on here

The I Am Hip-Hop Icon Award to Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is well deserved and long overdue. When he was talking about his struggles and also his rejections from the Hip Hop peers I can truly vouch for him with that. I remember the first time I heard of Luke I was in NYC listening to a station and they played “We Want Some P*ssy” and I was blown!!!!! I remember when I came down to Florida and how popular the 2 Live Crew were was insane. There were a popular mixtape DJs called Jam Pony Express that used to rock 2 Live Crew joints heavy. I also remember hearing folks diss 2 Live Crew for not being “Hip Hop” too!!!! They made booty music they say. The elements of Hip Hop was there but it sounded different from what other places were doing. He marched on. He took on the Supreme Court and won, He championed his sound and still toured GLOBALLY!!!!!! Booty music got him his tours. It is still Hip Hop!!!!!! His music made some feel uncomfortable but his music also made many feel loose and made you wanna dance. Whenever any of his songs came on down here or anywhere that was poppin he had everyone on that dance floor. He totally deserves this win. 

When DJ Khaled said they don’t want us to win he was talking about Miami in general. It was a huge deal that Miami got the Hip Hop Awards. There were times I’m watching the show and saying though “Are they hot in some of these outfits?”. It’s 90 something down here and the cypher is done outside in the heat. I’m seeing sweaters on and all……….Hope they’re not funky. I also enjoyed the fact that they also had segments about Hurricanes that affected areas.