The Ever-Changing Cycle of the Old and Young Hip Hop Head

I wake up in the morning, iron clothes, take my daughter to the bus stop, go home, eat breakfast and get my son ready for school. I enter my car with him, turn on the car and instead of rocking my mp3 I decided to turn on the radio and I hear Migos T-Shirt on. I immediately switch to my mp3. This is a 40 something typing so pay attention!!!!!!

The disconnection of the old and young heads are so far apart but is that a bad thing? I honestly don’t so. Follow me here as I rewind a few times before I go forward. In 1988 and before I was listening to Hip Hop (Rap) and you could not tell me anything negative about what I was listening to. BDP, Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, PE, Ultramagnetic MC’s, EPMD, De La Soul, MC Lyte ruled!!!!! My uncle would tell me all the time that I’m listening to crap. My mother hated Rap music, My stepfather thought it was garbage, my father thought that it was negative, my aunt was into Freestyle music mostly. Most of my friends listened to Rap music as well and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I remember hearing the heads that listened to rap before me talk about the Melle Mel’s, The Caz’s, Funky 4 and all and that the new rappers aren’t better than them. The rebuttal was a constant thing. I used to say “Old Man can’t keep up”. 

Fast forward to 95. A whole new landscape has changed. Biggie (The Notorious B.I.G.) was on top, Nas was the best at that time, Wu-Tang Clan was the dopest group that started doing their solo ventures, Mobb Deep had everyone Shook, Jay-Z was just about to blow up and 2pac coming out of jail was a big thing!!!!! This was the new school of the 90s. Slowly my favorites from the 80s had to either keep up or fade away. The 90s heads swore by their favorites they was not trying to hear that the 80s was better. At this point Hip Hop was at its best all around. There was so many things being rapped about and everyone had gotten its shine. If you got tired of listening to the radio then you had the The Stretch & Bobbito show, The DNA Hank Love Show and many others in college radio all around the states and pirate radio overseas. Everyone had gotten their shine in the 90s.

We fast forward now to the 2000s and Hip Hop is a blur!!!!!! The boom bap sound as we started to call it has gone underground. On top started to sound bland but that’s my opinion. Many others can say the same thing around my age group but those that was born in the late 80s and 90s has their new heroes like Nelly, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Drake. I remember when I first heard Lil Wayne and I thought he was going to blow up and he did. What Started to lack was originality in rhyme and delivery. Remember that this is an old head typing so wait for it. One rapper who has a legitimate beef with another rapper ends up stealing his style and doing the same thing as the rapper he was knocking him for. Another one used to be a correctional officer but you cannot deny his talent even though he did sounded like Biggie in the beginning. One started out as a Degrassi High actor who actually have love for his craft (Go listen to Little Brother) and has become the biggest name in rap right now!!!!! Remember Lil Jon too??? I swore this guy was everywhere!!!!! The Older crowd that’s a heavy Hip Hop fan has started to back up new school rappers like Kanye West, Papoose, Mickey Factz and more. Some praised J Dilla for saving their lives even though he passed away. Madlib was genius but mainstream only picked up one from the homegrown underground and that’s Kanye.

Now its the 2010s and from my standpoint its a mess!!!! From a Millennial’s standpoint it looks great. You had Soulja Boy doing Superman, 2 Chains rocking 6, making dance routine songs is a norm. DJ Khaled is the biggest Hip Hop DJ right now even though I hear him doing promos left and right. Migos is the biggest group out right now. Their flow and cadence has made many follow suit and copy. There’s rappers calling themselves rockstars like Lil Uzi Vert. Yung Thug is weird, mumble rap is ok to many fair-weather fans, Youtube, Soundcloud and strip clubs are basically the A&Rs and can make or break you. The youngsters are loving it right now. I sound like the old heads that used to go there with me when I started listening to Hip Hop and look at me now. That also goes for many in my position but do I understand it, I sure do!!

There’s a always a cycle in Hip Hop or in any genre of music. The younger crowd is always going to rebel from the older crowd regardless of how trash the music might’ve gotten from the older crowd’s perspective. Now is there ways to enjoy Hip Hop without listening to the younger commercialized crowd? Sure!!!!!! As an older head, I always hear that Hip Hop needs to go back to how it was and guess what, there’s rappers out there that actually does it with the ingredients that an older head likes but is the support there? NO!!!!!! The only close to support that can get an older head’s attention is J Cole and Kendrick Lamar and still they also bring in the young crowd too. Older heads are not familiar to Smoke DZA, Westside Gunn & Conway. Go look them up and also for like minded rappers. There’s far too much music out there and variations of Hip Hop to get into but always remember that the music is always going to change no matter how much we don’t want it to change but as long as you have love for Hip Hop it will never die!!!!!