Gee-O Midnight Deluxe Parts 1&2

This summer I went back home to NYC and had a great time. One of the things that sticks out to me immediately is music in NYC in the summer. You have numerous events at the most oddest days yet many attends. You can catch a Mobb Deep show in Queensbridge at a very random moment, Common, Rakim and many more at the oddest times as well. You also have the Rock Steady Anniversary shows, Shows at spots where you can see your favorite underground act do there thing, Open mics at EOW still pops but last BUT NEVER LEAST THE PARK JAM/BLOCK PARTY. We have new music popping off left and right but always at these events we can also play the old school, Breaks and even samples of these joints. I came back to Florida with a stronger NY vibe. This mix is all about the Samples and breaks. Done around midnight or later simply in a NY State of mind at the moment. Hope you enjoy, download, enjoy and enjoy some more big smile

Part 1


Part 2