Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's FREEZING in NYC but we're about to bring the temperature up a few notches with THE READY CEE SHOW - Episode #194!
DJ Ready Cee & DJ Mixx pull together a full hour of all the freshest beats, rhymes & cuts from some of today's illest talent including new music from RUSTE JUXX, CORMEGA, THE YANCEY BOYS, BRONZE NAZARETH, ODISEE & MANY MORE!
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

12-9-13 Gee-O Podcast (Beat Sessions)

FOURCOLON - Tomorrow
MEDL4 - Dummy Drugs
Philmeeh - Coal Mine
Mot1v, Небогат Beats, the Mashinegunz - RSMPL
Mike Mo Beats - Congratulations
Central Parks (USA) - Russian 1
Raul Supreme - Janvier
Hpnotic718 - #ImJustSayin... (New York,USA)
Mot1v - The Rustle Of Leaves
Hpnotic718 - the Story of my Life...
Pro P - Whats The Good
1984 - RAIN DOWN
Benny B. Blonco - Synth X Analog
Jazz One - Early Summer
MF Love - More Drastic
Raul Supreme - Funk Brownie
loop.holes x Robot Orchestra - Need some lovin (Norway x Germany)
Suhnraw - No Idea
Elaquent - Flyy (Magnolia)
Esp Elizarov - Autumn BoomBap Jazz
Gee-O - Fantasy Fly
Yegor Cergei - Akarpes Prospathies
Big Ben Beats - Another Day in Paradise
Diles - Instrumental Interlude
Gee-O - VibClick
Nu Vintage - For You
Suhnraw - Sawed Melodies
Suhnraw - Raw (Suttle Drum)
Evil Needle - Dilla Beat 02
Raul Supreme - Time Space Continuous (Zone)
Yegor Cergei - Tou Lipimenou
All These Fingers - Kasparov
Benny B. Blonco - Horror Fest
Kostia - Sermonne
Nu Vintage - Sea Coast
Prozak Morris - Level 5 (California,USA)
Bmbu - Dillmatic (Instrumental)
Kool Kev - Step Lively
SLan - Castle Life
Charlie & Afryx_Q - Outro
Gee-O - The Moon
Nu Vintage - To You And Yours
Big Ben Beats - Psychinterlude
Metal Fingers - Kava Kava Root
Bobbi Humphrey - The Trip
Elaquent - Bedroom Eyes (Venetian Red)
SLan - Secrets
Lone - Dream Ache
Mecca 83 - Echoes Pt 2 (Jon Rogers flip)
Hi-Res - Anothernotch

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