Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I, CED MIX #8 – The FLY HIGH Mix….

I can say this time I went all over the place with this mix. I still had some stuff I wanted to put on here but I just didn’t. I will definitely have them on the next mix. I just want to enjoy it and thank y’all for all of the motivation you’ve given me to continue to rock on. So please, let everybody know about this mix and download away…… Shout out to Sir Froderick, SB IV, Coultrain, Wajeed, Jimetta Rose (Taurus – Happy bday), Turquoise Summers, and even the ones I haven’t met on this mix like Alex Isley, Georgia & Dudley, and more. I am sure we are going to cross paths. Also S/O to all of the legends on this mix. It was there birthday (Taurus) or would have been their bday. Enjoy y’all.


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