Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gee-O - The Game Is Rigged (Apocalypse Now!!!)

I made this project because there's many bad examples of what Hip Hop is. Nowadays rappers are doing EDM, Dubstep, Trap Music and they call it Hip Hop because someone is rapping. THAT IS NOT HIP HOP!!!! You have singers who think they spit a wack 16 and they call them HIP HOP???? THAT IS NOT HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!! So here I come, the underdog doing what I do best and that's Hip Hop Music. Why don't I have more EMCEES on my BEATS? Because THE GAME IS RIGGED!!!!!!!!! Time to have an Apocalypse!!!!!


DJ LordRon PTC!!!!!!!!

Preserving The Culture Mix 74 By D.J. Lord Ron 2/07/13

Yooooo…not here to preach but live your life at best & with that said. Let’z get into this new freestyle mix #74 I did. Big up to A-FS. Congratz to the Baltimore Ravens on winning the Super Bowl & that’z the homie Ashley’s team, big up Darren! Big up to my homie Leggo whose 49ers lost. S.F. have nothing to be ashamed of Leggo. A damn good season they had fa sho. I want to say R.I.P. to Sugar Foot of the legendary Ohio Players. Aiight, about to finish this Gin & Juice and toast up to Sugar Foot. This mix is done….here ya go. Peace!
                            —DJ Lord Ron
Preserving The Culture Mix #74 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signs on
2) John Robinson Drop
3) Shawn Pen feat., Malik Yusef & Styles P
4) Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier
5) KRS ONE (Gee-O Remix)
6) Curtis Mayfield Drop
7) Bankroll Bastards feat., Kaliban & Foeteen Kerrat
8) Ayatollah feat., Bin Grim
9) Hannibal Stax & Marco Polo
10) Koncept Drop
11) Koncept feat., Reks
12) Gensu & Planet Asia
13) Eloh Kush Drop
14) Durag Dynasty (Planet Asia, Killer Ben & TriState)
15) Bankroll Bastards feat., Panama Redd
16) Joey Bada$$ & DJ Premier
17) MC Eiht
18) Mass Konfusion Drop
19) Tek Tha Supah Latin
20) Audible Doctor feat., J-Nics
21) Charmingly Ghetto
22) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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Preserving The Culture Mix 73 By D.J. Lord Ron 1/31/13

Peace, peace everybody! We’re back with the new mixes for 2013. Mix #73 has all new jointz and let’s get into it right now. Thanx for rockin’ with us here on PTC. Big up to A-FS and you, the listeners.
Mixtape #73 Features:
1) DJ Lord Ron signs on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Brown Bag All-Stars feat., DJ Rhettmatic
4) Showbiz & A.G.
5) Justo The MC
6) Wildelux Drop
7) DJ Lord Jazz feat., Aarophat
8) Oxygen
9) John Robinson Drop
10) Longevity feat., Double K of People Under The Stairs
11) Doxola
12) Showbiz & A.G.
13) Five Steez Drop
14) The Sickest Drama feat., Nomad Carlos & Five Steez
15) Curtis Mayfield Drop
16) Big Doxx feat., Bossie Mossie
17) Wyld Bunch & DJ Qvali
18) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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