The People's Army - GENERAL SALUTE VOL 2.


1.  Introduction by Remi Kanazi (prod. Last Resort)
2.  General Salute featuring Logic, Mic Righteous, English Frank & Big Cakes (prod. Red Skull)
3.  Army Stomp featuring Awate, Big Cakes, Logic, Nate, Leddie, English Frank, Smoggy, One Wish, Sensei C (prod.Red Skull)
4.  Breathe featuring Big Cakes, Magda Sinit, Sty, Logic, Marlon T8 (prod. Last Resort)
5.  Celebrate featuring Big Ben, Cypher, Awate, Nate, Logic, Sensei C, Mic Righteous, Big Cakes (prod. Red Skull)
6.  Everyday featuring Logic, Mic Righteous, English Frank, Solomon, Leddie, Emerge, Smoggy, Big Cakes
7.  Deliver Us featuring Nate, Omar, Kingpin, Squingy, Logic, Wordplay, Chuck, English Frank, Exo, Supar Novar, Big Ben (prod. Red Skull)
8.  Do What You Gotta Do – Logic, Big Cakes, Jimmy Jitsu, Nate, Solomon, Nikki (prod. Dyson)
9.  Do My Thing featuring Big Frizzle, Logic, Big Cakes, Turbulence (prod. Dyson)
10.  Everything Must Change featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel, Smoggy, Solomon, English Frank, Sensei C, Emerge, Big Cakes, Logic, Awate, Mic Righteous, Leddie (prod. Red Skull)
11.  First Bars featuring English Frank, Logic, Exo, Squingy, Nate, Omar. Wordplay, Potent Whisper, Chuck (prod. Last Resort)
12.  Hum Diddy Hum featuring Logic, Nate , Big Cakes (prod. Red Skull)
13.  Keep Your Head Up featuring Big Cakes, Taymah, Oliver Sudden, Logic
14.  Left Right Left featuring Mic Righteous, Big Cakes, One Wish, Smoggy, Leddie, Efeks, Logic, English Frank, D Sew (prod. Red Skull)
15.  Motivation featuring Big Cakes, Jah Mirikle, Nate, Logic  (prod. Last Resort)
16.  Unity & Strength featuring Cocotone, Big Cakes, Logic, Nate, Wordplay, Oliver Sudden, Mike GLC
17.  The Truth Raise The Roof featuring Big Cakes, Logic, Jah Mirikle, Nate
18.  Bonus Track – People’s Army featuring Logic & Lowkey