Preserving The Culture Mix 57 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/13/12

Peace, peace! Big up to the 2012 Olympics with nations comin’ 2gether in the essences of sportsmanship. I hope ya summer is powerful. That’z wassup. Aiight, let’z get into some musik. All new jointz for ya ears. Big up to my Co-Defendant A-FS, who runs this blog joint here at PTC. Stay tuned for jointz from back in the classic dayz and of course I do break new jointz. If u have not checked the other 56 mixes, whew! Ya ears are being cheated. Hahaha!….now to the musik.
PTC Mix # 57 features these artists:
1) DJ Lord Ron signz on
2) Lil Dap aka Big Dap (Exclusive New Joint!!!!!)
3) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
4) Big Shug feat., Fat Joe & M.O.P
5) The Black Opera
6) Jac Spade
7) A-FS 201-973
8) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
9) Large Professor
10) Jadox
11) Yeski
12) Big Shug feat., Trumayne
13) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
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