Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PTC Michael Jackson Tribute Mix #60 by DJ Lord Ron

Peace, peace. That name “Michael Jackson”…..what did his musical art mean to me? It meant powerful soul from deeeep down that was felt straight from the root. Michael Jackson’s music embodies a powerful gift from the most high that is unmatched even today in R&B or Pop.  I dedicate this tribute to M.J. by spinnin’ some of MY favorite jointz he recorded as a solo artist and of course with his brothers, the Jackson 5. Michael was the definition of being epic as an artist. He embodied perfection with his creative art & his strong passion to entertain the world. There will never be another Michael Jackson. Never.
We salute MJ all day here at PTC. Happy birthday and R.I.P. Sir Mike!!!!
—-DJ Lord Ron
Note: No Tracklist. I do that for a reason. I will always want to take people on a surprised musical journey with my ears/choice tunes. Remember, I’m spinnin’ some of my favorite jointz from M.J. in his honor. Rock with me.
Check out the 1978 demo sessions with Michael, Randy & Janet as they argue and clown while in the pre-production stages of “Working Day & Night” plus “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”. It’s classic and all right here!!
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Brown Bag AllStars - 406 (Fat Beats Tribute) prod. by The Audible Doctor

The Brown Bag AllStars dropped the first video and the lead single off their upcoming "The Brown Label: Part 2" EP this week. Check out the video for "406" (Prod. By Audible Doctor) below.

Preserving The Culture Mix 59 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/28/12

Yoooooooo! That pigskin is in the air but we don’t eat pork but we love that football! A pre-season game here and there plus some baseball as they are gunnin’ for that pennant run and u have that end of Summer madness. You get my meaning?…speaking of madness. I got some dope jewelz for you right here in the mix. All NEW 2thou12 jointz for ya listenin’. Big up to A-FS and check his interviews and more new interviews are in store soon. Stay tuned. Aiight, let’z roll out or parlay with this mix. PEACE.
                              -DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #59 features these artists:
1) DJ Lord Ron signin’ on
2) Gee-O Drop
3) Gee-O feat., B.I.G., Tupac & Big L (Remix)
4) Montage One feat., Killer Ben & Planet Asia
5) Jungle Brothers
6) Dominion
7) Pack FM
8) Ramaj Eroc
9) Big Shug
10) Lil Dap Drop
11) Lil Dap
12) Five Steez
13) The Zzyzzy Drop
14) The Zzyzzy
15) Timeless Truth
16) Lost Things
17) DJ Lord Ron’s Old Skool Funky Rhythm Scratch (DJs, We Gotta Make It)
18) Dellue
19) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
Download Links:

Five Steez - War For Peace

  1. Propheticz (feat. Inztinkz) [Explicit] 3:02 $0.99 Buy Track  - Propheticz (feat. Inztinkz) [Explicit]
Play   2. Rebel Music [Explicit] 3:16 $0.99 Buy Track  - Rebel Music [Explicit]
Play   3. Dreams Deferred [Explicit] 3:42 $0.99 Buy Track  - Dreams Deferred [Explicit]
Play   4. Slaving On the Plantation 4:19 $0.99 Buy Track  - Slaving On the Plantation
Play   5. Yard Nigga Rap [Explicit] 3:08 $0.99 Buy Track  - Yard Nigga Rap [Explicit]
Play   6. Crown Me King [Explicit] 3:56 $0.99 Buy Track  - Crown Me King [Explicit]
Play   7. Untold Stories [Explicit] 3:55 $0.99 Buy Track  - Untold Stories [Explicit]
Play   8. Black Beauty [Explicit] 4:06 $0.99 Buy Track  - Black Beauty [Explicit]
Play   9. I Am (feat. Kabaka Pyramid) [Explicit] 4:58 $0.99 Buy Track  - I Am (feat. Kabaka Pyramid) [Explicit]
Play 10. Wanna Be Free (feat. Nomad Carlos) 3:13 $0.99 Buy Track  - Wanna Be Free (feat. Nomad Carlos)
Play 11. Growing Pains (feat. Shaq the MC) 4:10 $0.99 Buy Track  - Growing Pains (feat. Shaq the MC)
Play 12. Blazing 4:32 $0.99 Buy Track  - Blazing
Play 13. Shining (feat. Tara Harrison) [Explicit] 3:01 $0.99 Buy Track  - Shining (feat. Tara Harrison) [Explicit]

Mecca:83 - Sketchbook Pieces

FreshNerd of 100 Akres - I Love Loosies pt. deux

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preserving The Culture Mix 58 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/20/12

Yoooooooo! Cali has been burning up for the last few weeks in a good way by way of Summertime. PTC iz back with hot NEW jointz for your ears! A-FS and I want all to enjoy your Summertime at best. Keep the fluids in ya body along with plenty of fruits. Aiight, let’z get into the musik. Sit back and parlay with the cool out. Turn ya speakers up!!  PEACE!
                                      –DJ Lord Ron
PTC Mix #58 features these artists:
1) A-FS signs on
2) M.A.S.K. feat., Rhyme Fest
3) Lil Dap
4) Timeless Truth
5) P Stat & J Skrills
6) Montage One feat., Rass Kass & Guilty Simpson
7) The Black Opera
8) I.G. Culture feat., I.D. 4 Windz
9) Rebel To The Grain
10) Big Shug
11) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
12) Khaled feat., Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier
13) DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux
14) A-FS 201-973
15) A-FS signin’ off
Download Links:

MessiahBolical - FeelGoodMusic Intro + Roll Up Music (Dir BY HoneyAlmonds )

The Black Opera - Overture

Substantial - Akapelah in Shanghai

(2012) 4th Annual Cali DJ Mix Off highlights with DJ Lord Ron & Triple Ace........

Preserving The Culture Mix 57 By D.J. Lord Ron 8/13/12

Peace, peace! Big up to the 2012 Olympics with nations comin’ 2gether in the essences of sportsmanship. I hope ya summer is powerful. That’z wassup. Aiight, let’z get into some musik. All new jointz for ya ears. Big up to my Co-Defendant A-FS, who runs this blog joint here at PTC. Stay tuned for jointz from back in the classic dayz and of course I do break new jointz. If u have not checked the other 56 mixes, whew! Ya ears are being cheated. Hahaha!….now to the musik.
PTC Mix # 57 features these artists:
1) DJ Lord Ron signz on
2) Lil Dap aka Big Dap (Exclusive New Joint!!!!!)
3) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
4) Big Shug feat., Fat Joe & M.O.P
5) The Black Opera
6) Jac Spade
7) A-FS 201-973
8) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
9) Large Professor
10) Jadox
11) Yeski
12) Big Shug feat., Trumayne
13) DJ Lord Ron signin’ off
Download Links:

Gensu Dean - "Wantchu feat. Olivier Daysoul"

Audible Doctor Feat. Chaundon "Success (Part 1) "Video"

J Bizness - Flight Plan (Sampler)

Sunday, August 5, 2012




This week's show is dedicated to the 5 year anniversary of our affiliates, CLASSIC STORM RADIO with DJ Toshi!
CLASSIC STORM RADIO is signaling their fifth year with a huge concert at NYC, Webster Hall featuring performances by Blaq Poet / Mic Geronimo / Shabaam Sahdeeq / Afu-Ra / C-Ray Walz / Nutzo / Sav Killz / Cool Hand Lukey / Special Guests: Lil' Fame (M.O.P.) AND MORE!


They claim we're products from the bottom of hell, but THE READY CEE SHOW is back and its bound to sell! Picture us cool in on the 4th of July and if you heard we were celebrating its a WORLD WIDE LIE!

Produced Works of DJ Lord Ron /Musik Videos/ New Album Comin' in 2012!

Keep some BOOM in ya BAP with these releases! Available at & check the reviews.
2012 has been a busy year for DJ Lord Ron as prepares to release a new album with Wildelux entitled “The Sinister Theory”. The first single “Mirage”
The 2nd single off The Sinister Theory album is “Negrophobia” and you can view the music video at
Catch up on all of DJ Lord Ron’s 2012 business dealings at
View all the videos on DJ Lord Ron’s very own YouTube Channel as created by a fan!

Substantial - Check The Resume (prod. Oddisee) & 7evenThirty - GetUp!!!

Audible Doctor X Von Pea (Of Tanya Morgan) "F.U.B.U." (Prod. By marink)

The Audible Doctor (Of The Brown Bag AllStars) teams up with Von Pea (Of Tanya Morgan) for his newest leak "F.U.B.U." off his upcoming FREE EP titled "I Think That..." (which drops September 25th). The track is produced by marink and you can stream & download the Dirty & Clean versions below.

DviousMindZ - Elephant Shoes Volume 2 [Beat Tape] [2012] + [Music Video]

DviousMindZ - WhyWeDo / Always (Produced By DviousMindZ) [Music Video]- Youtube Link

Mixtape Download Download Link


ALTERNATIVE Mixtape Download Download Link


01 Always (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
02 1901 (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
03 BaraBeytrayed (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
04 ItWasn'tEasy  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
05 ChasonChason  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
06 Flights  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
07 Distractions  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
08 Dominus  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
09 FrozenWorld  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
10 Graines Detoiles  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
11 HeavyBlues  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
12 HearMeOut  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
13 TheCityNeverSleeps (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
14 PullingMeDown (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
15 LeavingSura  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
16 Lise (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
17 Mw3 (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
18 NeverForgetYou (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
19 NoLifeWithoutYou (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
20 ProvingLegend  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
21 Psychobable  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
22 Rematch  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
23 Secrets  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
24 TheEgg  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
25 ThisIsGoodbye (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
26 TuckAndRoll  (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
27 WhyYouDo (Produced By DviousMindZ) 
28 YoungBlood  (Produced By DviousMindZ)

Gee-O Mixshow 123118