DOV feat Bekay - GHOSTRHYMER - 16 year old MC brings a voice to HS students

Dropping his 1st single Brooklyns own 16 year old Dov pays homage to Skillz's "Ghostwriter " beat while airing out his high school and all high schools in similar fashion!(In NY famously known on the news as Horn Dog High because of the teachers having sex with the students Madison High in BK) Dov met underground legend "Bekay" about a year ago. They instantly formed a bond and now Dov is signed to Bekay's Horror Flick Ent who are in association with Universal Music Group and many others! Follow dov @iamdov....Follow Bekay at @therealbekay...Inquires about interviews, collabs, features, appearances, or to submit material musicians and producers etcetc please contact Bekay at

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