Preserving The Culture Mix 22 By D.J. Lord Ron

Another week gone by and as we salute and remember the fallen people/soldiers on 9/11 let us celebrate their lives!!! Zulu nation’s D.J. Lord Ron Got You On The mix FEATURING: BROTHER J, MOBB DEEP, M.O.P, KRS-ONE, BLAC HEAT FEAT., JESS THE FACTS,DANA & WEAPON X, JUNSIX, A-FS 201-973, E.M.S. & DIRTY ANTOINE, NYGZ, FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP, SHOWBIZ & A.G., INSANE MACBETH, SOUL KING, SCHOOLBOY Q, SPUTNIK BROWN, MAFFEW RAGAZINO FEAT., ACTION BRONSON Tune In Enjoy- Signing Off Ya Man A-FS 201-973

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