The D-Sew Show Episode 5

Armageddon (Terror Squad Drop)
D-Sew - '247365'
Gang Starr - Tribute, Lil Dap & DJ Premier - The Legacy
Gang Starr, DJ Honda & DJ Premier - What You Expected
Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep
Gang Starr - Code Of The Streets
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
Gang Starr - Above The Clouds
Big Cakes 'The Pre-Heat' - Street Soldier
Big Cakes 'The Pre-Heat' - Real Life
Big Cakes Feat DAlmighty Ego 'The Pre-Heat' - I Wanna Shout
Big Cakes - Skim
Logic - Begging
Logic 'Listen' - Loving You (MUSIC)
Duane Flames - Summer Time Hits
Duane Flames- New Brand Flex Pro
Damien Marley & Nas 'Distant Relatives' - Land Of Promise
K-Nite 'The Prelude' - No Hooks
K-Nite Feat Mentalist 'The Prelude' - Death Day
K-Nite Feat TB & Mentalist 'The Prelude' - Hard Times
K-Nite Feat TB 'The Prelude' - This Is How I Feel
K-Nite Feat Iron Braydz 'The Prelude' - Biggest Victims
No Face Feat MC HLF & Tantrum 'Farmerz Fieldz II' - All About Life
No Face Feat Deaba Authentic 'Farmerz Fieldz II' - Better Days
No Face Feat Criss C & Homaside 'Farmerz Fieldz II' - Everyday
Thorotracks Feat Shabaam Sahdeeq - What It Seems
Kay-M 'Practice Makes Perfect' - Street Life
Kay-M 'Practice Makes Perfect' - Heaven
Kay-M 'Practice Makes Perfect' - Blockstars