Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peoples - Skull Session


1. War (produced by LX)
2. Angels (produced by LX)
3. They Stopped! (produced by LX)
4. Entergalactik (produced by Logic Marsalis)
5. Hundreds On The Table (feat. Benny Hoffman) (produced by Logic Marsalis)
6. They Don't Know (produced by Logic Marsalis)
7. Viva La Hip Hop (produced by Logic Marsalis)
8. Salaam (feat. Stephen Hicks) (produced by LX)
9. Black Codes (King James Version) (feat. NOVA) (produced by Logic Marsalis)
10. Searchin' 4 Truth (produced by LX)
11. A Moment In Black History (produced by LX)
12. Entergalactik II (produced by Destro and LX)
13. B.V.H.T. (feat. BC) (produced by LX)
14. Time Is Now (produced by LX)
15. On My Hustle (produced by Logic Marsalis)
16. Revelationz (produced by Logic Marsalis)

Recorded and Mixed at Camp Crystal by Logic Marsalis
Arranged and Sequenced by King James and Logic Marsalis
Produced entirely by LX Luthor and Logic Marsalis


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