01. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show02. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - La Di Da Di03. Schoolly D - Psk What Does It Mean04. Schoolly D - Gucci Time05. LL Cool J - Rock The Bells06. Run DMC - King Of Rock07. Marley Marl feat. MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch08. LL Cool J - Can't Live Without My Radio09. Mantronix feat. MC Tee - Fresh Is The Word10. Whistle - Just Buggin'11. Cutmaster D.C. - Brooklyn's In The House (Remix)12. Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet13. Roxanne Shante - Bite This14. Grandmaster Flash - Larry's Dance Theme15. The B-Boys - Girls16. The B-Boys - Girls Part 217. Roxanne Shante - Queen Of Rox18. Word Of Mouth feat. DJ Cheese - King Tut19. Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl20. Toddy Tee - The Batterram21. Too Short - Girl22. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World23. Run DMC - Together Forever24. Bad Boys feat. K Love - Bad Boys25. Hollis Crew - It's The Beat26. Beastie Boys - Rock Hard27. Bad Boys feat. K Love - Veronica28. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three - The Roof Is On Fire29. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three - Request Line30. DJ Hollywood - Hollywoods World31. Jazzy Jay - Def Jam32. Jazzy Jay - Cold Chillin' In The Spot33. Supre Nature - The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh)34. Sparky D - Sparky's Turn (Roxanne Youre Through)35. Super Kids - The Tragedy (Don't Do It)36. Steady B feat. Roxanne Shante - Just Call Us Def37. Steady B feat. Roxanne Shante - Fly Shante38. LL Cool J - I Want You39. LL Cool J - Dangerous40. Mantronix - Needle To The Groove41. Craig G - Shout (Rap)42. Force MD's - Itchin For A Scratch43. Beastie Boys - She's On It44. Tricky Tee - Johnny The Fox45. DJ Born Supreme Allah - 2 3 Break (Part 2)46. Masterdon Committee - Funkbox 2