Tuesday, July 1, 2008


01. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - It Takes Two02. Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (7 Minutes Of Madness Remix)03. Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin04. Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy05. Run DMC - Run's House06. Run DMC - Beats To The Rhyme07. Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype08. Marley Marl - The Symphony09. De La Soul - Plug Tunin10. EPMD - You Got's To Chill11. Biz Markie - Vapors12. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Keep Rising To The Top13. JVC Force - Strong Island14. Biz Markie - The Biz Is Goin' Off15. 45 King - The 900 Number16. Boogie Down Productions - Jack Of Spades17. Boogie Down Productions - I'm Still No. 118. Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend19. MC Lyte - 10% Dis20. Stetsasonic - Sally21. Stetsasonic - DBC Let The Music Play22. Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That23. De La Soul - Jenifa (Taught Me)24. De La Soul - Potholes In My Lawn25. Chubb Rock feat. Hitman Howie Tee - Caught Up (Remix)26. 2 Much - Wild Thang27. Marley Marl feat. Craig G - Droppin' Science28. LL Cool J - Going Back To Cali29. LL Cool J - Jack The Ripper30. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road To The Riches31. MC EZ & Troup - Get Retarted32. Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz33. Queen Latifah - Wrath Of My Madness34. Queen Latifah - Princess Of The Posse35. MC Lyte - Paper Thin36. Positive K - Step Up Front37. MC Shan - Pioneered This38. Chill Rob G - Dope Rhymes39. Chill Rob G - Chillin'40. Chill Rob G - Wild Pitch41. Kid-N-Play - Do This My Way42. Perlove Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova43. Antoinette - Hit Em With This44. Antoinette - Unfinished Business45. King Tee - Bass46. J.J. Fad - Supersonic47. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse On Broadway48. Supreme Nyborn - Versatillity49. Kid-N-Play - Gittin' Funky




01. Audio Two - Top Billin'02. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause03. Boogie Down Productions - The Bridge Is Over04. EPMD - It's My Thing05. EPMD - You're A Customer06. Big Daddy Kane - Raw07. Public Enemy - Bring The Noise08. Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz09. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul10. Public Enemy - Public Enemy No. 111. Public Enemy - Timebomb12. Big Daddy Kane - Just Rhymin With Biz13. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Do The James14. LL Cool J - I'm Bad15. Ultramagnetic MC's - Funky16. Eazy E - Boyz In The Hood17. Divine Force - Holy War (Live)18. Scholly D - Saturday Night19. Eric B & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke20. MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand U21. NWA - Dopeman22. Just Ice - Going Way Back23. Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day24. Biz Markie - Pickin' Boogers25. Salt-N-Pepa - Tramp26. Salt-N-Pepa - Push It27. Boogie Down Productions - Poetry28. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Rikers Island29. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Rhyme Tyme30. Jungle Brothers - Jimbrowski31. Dismasters - Small Time Hustler32. Heavy D & The Boyz - The Overweight Lover In The House33. Spoonie Gee - The Godfather34. Alliance - Bustin Loose35. Alliance - Do It, Do It36. Alliance - Oreo Cookie37. Antoinette - I Got An Attitude38. Spoonie Gee - Take It Off39. Kid-N-Play - Last Night40. Latee - This Cuts Got Flavor41. Latee - Puttin' On The Hits42. Steady B - Use Me (Before I Let Go)43. Masters Of Ceremony - Sexy44. Busy Bee - Suicide45. Lord Shafiyq - My Mic Is On Fire46. Classical Two - Raps New Generation47. 2 Live Crew - We Want Some Pussy




01. Eric B & Rakim - Eric B Is President02. Eric B & Rakim - My Melody03. Run DMC - My Adidas04. Run DMC - Peter Piper05. MC Shan - The Bridge06. Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx07. Ultramagnetic MC's - Ego Trippin08. Beastie Boys - Hold It Now Hit It09. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's A Demo10. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - I'm Fly11. Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz12. Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa13. Just Ice - Latoya14. Just Ice - Cold Getting Dumb15. Roxanne Shante feat. Biz Markie - Def Fresh Crew16. Beastie Boys - The New Style17. Beastie Boys - Paul Revere18. Ice T - 6 N The Morning19. Salt-N-Pepa - My Mic Sounds Nice20. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Play This Only At Night21. Too Short - Freaky Tales22. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble23. Joeski Love - Pee Wees Dance24. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce - It's My Beat25. Cutmaster D.C. - Brooklyn Rocks The Best26. Dana Dane - Nightmares27. Word Of Mouth feat. DJ Cheese - Coast To Coast28. Whodini - One Love29. Original Concept - Knowledge Me30. Original Concept - Can U Feel It31. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - All The Way To Heaven32. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Nuthin33. Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty34. Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Everlasting Bass35. Whodini - Funky Beat36. Sweet Tee & DJ Jazzy Joyce - It's Like That Y'all37. King Tee - Paybacks A Mutha38. DBL Crew - Bust It39. Stetsasonic - Faye40. Stetsasonic - 4 Ever My Beat41. MC Shane - Jane Stop This Crazy Thing42. MC Shane - Cocaine43. Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor44. Grandmaster Flash - Style (Peter Gunn Theme)45. Heavy D & The Boyz - Mr. Big Stuff46. The Real Roxanne feat. Hitman Howie Tee - Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)47. Steady B - Bring The Beat Back48. B Fats - Woppit




01. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - The Show02. Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - La Di Da Di03. Schoolly D - Psk What Does It Mean04. Schoolly D - Gucci Time05. LL Cool J - Rock The Bells06. Run DMC - King Of Rock07. Marley Marl feat. MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch08. LL Cool J - Can't Live Without My Radio09. Mantronix feat. MC Tee - Fresh Is The Word10. Whistle - Just Buggin'11. Cutmaster D.C. - Brooklyn's In The House (Remix)12. Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet13. Roxanne Shante - Bite This14. Grandmaster Flash - Larry's Dance Theme15. The B-Boys - Girls16. The B-Boys - Girls Part 217. Roxanne Shante - Queen Of Rox18. Word Of Mouth feat. DJ Cheese - King Tut19. Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl20. Toddy Tee - The Batterram21. Too Short - Girl22. Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World23. Run DMC - Together Forever24. Bad Boys feat. K Love - Bad Boys25. Hollis Crew - It's The Beat26. Beastie Boys - Rock Hard27. Bad Boys feat. K Love - Veronica28. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three - The Roof Is On Fire29. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three - Request Line30. DJ Hollywood - Hollywoods World31. Jazzy Jay - Def Jam32. Jazzy Jay - Cold Chillin' In The Spot33. Supre Nature - The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh)34. Sparky D - Sparky's Turn (Roxanne Youre Through)35. Super Kids - The Tragedy (Don't Do It)36. Steady B feat. Roxanne Shante - Just Call Us Def37. Steady B feat. Roxanne Shante - Fly Shante38. LL Cool J - I Want You39. LL Cool J - Dangerous40. Mantronix - Needle To The Groove41. Craig G - Shout (Rap)42. Force MD's - Itchin For A Scratch43. Beastie Boys - She's On It44. Tricky Tee - Johnny The Fox45. DJ Born Supreme Allah - 2 3 Break (Part 2)46. Masterdon Committee - Funkbox 2



01. T La Rock And Jazzy Jay - It's Yours02. LL Cool J - I Need A Beat03. Run DMC - Rock Box04. U.T.F.O. - Roxanne Roxanne05. Whodini - Friends06. Whodini - Five Minutes Of Funk07. Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge08. Kurtis Blow - 8 Million Stories09. Kurtis Blow - AJ Scratch10. Davy DMX - One For The Treble (Fresh)11. The Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh Fly Wild And Bold12. The World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJ13. Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night14. Fat Boys - Fat Boys15. Fat Boys - Human Beat Box16. Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money17. Afrika Bambaataa - Unity18. Freddy B & The Mighty Mike Masters - The Main Event19. Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap20. Newclues - Jam On It21. Grandmaster Melle Mel - Beatstreet Breakdown22. Furios Five feat. Cowboy, Melle Mel & Scorpio - Step Off23. Kurtis Blow - Basketball24. Grandmixer D. St - Megamix II (Why Is It Fresh)25. Chuck Chillout - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 126. Kool DJ Red Alert - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 227. Fat Boys - Can You Feel It28. Donald D - Don's Groove29. Pumpkin And The Profile All-Stars - Here Come's That Beat30. Doug E Fresh & DJ Chill Will & Barry Bee - Just Having Fun31. Doug E Fresh - Original Human Beatbox32. Treacherous Three - Turning You On33. Master O.C. & Krazzy Eddie feat. Peso Tito - Masters Of The Scratch34. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Fast Life35. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Am Pm36. Cutmaster D.C. - That's Life37. Captain Rock - Cosmic Blast38. DJ Hollywood - Hollywood's Message39. Lovebug Starski - Live At The Fever (Part 2)40. Ultimate 3 MC's - What Are We Gonna Do41. Awesome Foursome - Funky Breakdown42. Just Four - Games Of Life43. Frederick MC Count Linton - Somebody Elses Guy44. Masterdon Committee - Paid The Cost To Be The Boss




01. Run DMC - It's Like That02. Run DMC - Sucker MC's03. Grandmaster Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Do It)04. K-Rob vs. Rammelzee - Beat Bop05. Double Dee & Steinski - Play That Beat Mr. DJ (Lesson 1 Payoff Mix)06. Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 2 The James Brown Mix07. Jimmy Spicer - Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)08. Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock09. The B-Boys - 2 3 Break10. Run DMC - Hard Times11. Run DMC - Jam Master Jay12. Sweet G - Games People Play13. Treacherous Three - Action14. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - New York New York15. Crash Crew - On The Radio16. Art Of Noise - Moments In Love17. Art Of Noise - Beat Box18. Fresh 3 MC's - Fresh19. Lovebug Starski - You Gotta Believe20. Lovebug Starski - Lovebug Starskit Live At The Fever21. Dimples D - Sucker DJ's (I Will Survive)22. G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. DJ23. Fearless Four - Problems Of The World Today24. West Street Mob - Break Dance, Electric Boogie25. Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss26. Whodini - Haunted House Of Rock27. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic 3 - It's Life (You Gotta Think Twice)28. Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (The Wikka-Wikka Song)29. Pumpkin - King Of The Beat30. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Renegades Of Funk31. Crash Crew - We Are Known Emcees (We Turn Parties Out)32. Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat33. Malcolm X - No sell Out34. The Rake - Street Justice35. DJ Divine - Get Into The Mix36. The B-Boys - Rock The House37. The B-Boys - Cuttin Herbie38. Cold Crush Brothers - Punk Rock Rap39. Kevie Kev - All Night Long (Waterbed)40. South Bronx Movement - You've Got The Power To get High On Yourself41. Gigolette - Games Females Play42. I.R.T. (Interboro Rhythm Team) - Watch The Closing Doors43. T-Ski Valley - Cuts It Up44. Rickey G & The Everlasting Five - To The Max45. Captain Rapp - Bad Times (I Can't Stand It)46. K-9 Corps feat. Pretty C - Dog Talk




01. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message02. Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock03. Fearless Four - Rockin It04. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Flash It To The Beat (Live)05. Cold Crush Brothers - Weekend06. Busy Bee - Making Cash Money07. Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat08. Fearless Four - It's Magic09. Fab 5 Freddy - Change The Beat10. Malcolm Mclaren - Buffalo gals11. Jimmy Spicer - The Bubble Bunch12. Treacherous Three - Yes We Can-Can13. Funky 4 + 1 - Do You Want To Rock (Before I Let Go)14. Masterdon Committee - Funk Box Party15. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Flash To The Beat16. Super 3 - Standing On The Top17. Pieces Of A Dream - Mt. Airy Groove18. Just Four - Jam To Remember19. Disco Four - Country Rock & Rap20. Jonzun Crew - Space Cowboy21. Grandmaster Melle Mel & Duke Bootee - Message II (Survival)22. Nairobe & Awesome Foursome - Funky Soul Makossa23. Crash Crew - Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras)24. Grandmixer D. & The Infinity Rappers - The Grandmixer Cuts It Up25. Whodini - Magics Wand26. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Scorpio27. Disco Four - Were At The Party28. Kurtis Blow - Daydreamin29. South Bronx - Bottom Line (Rissa Chrissa)30. Kool Kyle The Starchild - Getting Over31. Mr. Sweety G - We Want To Get Down32. Paulette & Tanya Winley - I Believe In The Wheel Of Fortune33. Star Quality & Class - Betcha Got A Dude On The Side34. Missy Dee And The Melody Crew - Missy Missy Dee35. Sweet G - Boogie Feelin Rap36. Radiance feat. Prize - The Micstro37. Count Coolout - Touch The Rock (Rhythm Rap Rock Revival)38. Wayne & Charlie The Rappin Dummy - Check It Out39. T Ski Valley - Sexual Rapping40. Bon Rock & Cotton Candy - Junior Wants To Play




01. Afrika Bambaataa & Jazzy 5 - Jazzy Sensation (Bronx Mix)02. Treacherous Three - Feel The Heartbeat03. Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel04. Funky 4 Plus 1 - Thats The Joint05. T. Ski Valley - Catch The Beat06. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Genius Rap07. Boogie Boys feat. Kool Ski Kid Delight & Disco Dave - Rappin Aint No Thang08. Grand Wizard Theodore - Can I Get A Soul Clap Fresh Out The Pack09. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Its Nasty (Genius Of Love)10. Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up11. Spoonie G - Spoonie Is Back12. Just Four - Girls Of The World13. Disco Dream - Mean Machine14. Treacherous Three - Put The Boogie In Your Body15. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Birthday Party16. Pee Wee Mel & Barry B - Life On Planet Earth17. T.J. Swann, Pee Wee Mel & Swann Controllers - Maximus Party18. Crash Crew - We Want To Rock19. Solo Sound - Get The Party Jumpin20. Lovebug Starski & The Harlem World Crew - Positive Life21. South Bronx - The Big Throwdown22. Grandmaster Chilly T & Stevie G - Rock The Message Rap23. Kool Kyle - Its Rockin Time24. Chapter Three - Real Rocking Groove25. Disco Four - Do It Do It26. Spanish Fly & The Terrible Two - Spanglish27. T Ski Valley - Never Let Go28. Margots Kool Out Crew - Death Rap29. Troy Rainey - Tricky Tee Rap30. Dr Love & Sister Love - Dr Love & Sister Love Rap31. Land Of Hits Orchestra - Gangster Rock32. TJ Swann - Get Fly33. Busy bee - School Days34. Chapter Three - Smurf Trek35. Sweet G - A Heartbeat Rap36. Doctor Ice - Calling Doctor Ice37. Sugarhill Gang - Apache38. Blondie - Rapture39. Super Jay - Super Jay Love Theme40. Sangria - To The Beat Yall




01. Kurtis Blow - The Breaks02. Disco Dave & The Force Of The 5 MC's - High Powered Rap03. Spoonie Gee - Spoonin Rap04. Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - Love Rap05. Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - New Rap Language06. Treacherous 3 - Body Rock07. Afrika Bambaataa & The Cosmic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown Volume 108. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Freedom09. Jimmy Spicer - Adventures Of Super Rhyme10. Tanya Winley - Vicious Rap11. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown Volume 212. Sequence feat. Spoonie Gee - Monster Jam13. Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder14. Treacherous 3 - At The Party15. Ronnie Gee - Raptivity16. Brother D - How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise17. T.J. Swann - And You Know That18. Trickeration - Rap Bounce Rockskate19. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - Superappin No. 220. Super 3 - Philosophy Rappin Spree21. Spyder D - Big Apple Rappin22. Younger Generation & The Marvelous 3 - Rappin All Over23. Nice And Nasty 3 - The Ultimate Rap24. Kool Kyle The Starchild & The Disco Dolls - Do You Like That Funky Beat25. Harlem World Crew - Lets Rock26. Harlem World Crew - Rappers Convention27. The Jazzy Three - Rappin Spree28. Scoopy - Ccoopy Rap29. Rappermatical 5 - Party People30. Master Jay & Michael Dee - T.S.O.B.31. Disco four - Move With The Groove32. Super J - Santas Rap Party33. Bobby Demo - More Ounce34. Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap35. CC Crew - CC Crew36. The Family - Family Rap37. Pookey Blow - Get Up (and Go To School)38. Sicle Cell Rhapazooty - Rhapazooty In Blue (Showstoppers)39. Mr. Magic - Rappin With Mr. Magic40. Lonnie Love - Young Ladies41. Bon Rock & The Rhythm Rebellion - Searchin Rap




CD 1:01. Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Long Version)02. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Superappin03. Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin04. Funky 4 + 1 - Rapping And Rocking The House05. The Younger Generation (bka Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five) - We Rap More Mellow06. Paulette & Tanya Winley - Rhymin And Rappin07. Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version)08. Lady B - To The Beat YallCD 2:01. Jazzy 4 MC'S - MC Rock02. Lady D - Lady D03. Funky Constellation - Street Talk (Madame Rapper)04. Solid C, Bobby D & Kool Drop - Wack Rap05. Ron Hunt - Spiderap06. Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rappers Delight07. Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rockers Choice08. Fatback - King Tim III (Personality Jock)



01. Everything's Cool
02. Hypnotic
03. You Don't Fool Me
04. Don't Sweat The Technique (Original Version)
05. Complicatem (Pass The Handgrenade Pt. 2)


Revolutionary mix


Gee-O Mixshow 123118